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This is Kosmos, a space within the Paradiso universe for the inquisitive and open-minded cultural cosmonaut. Here, matter spreads across a multidisciplinary system of programmes on art, literature, science, politics and society. Ever-expanding and never the same as yesterday; with Kosmos, Paradiso presents a new label for the type of programming that has occupied an essential place in Paradiso since its foundation, when it was called the 'Cosmic Leisure Centre' (1968).

This is the type of programme that challenges you to question what you think you know, while stimulating your senses and making you feel something. A fresh take on night culture with (digital) art, or a political voting guide in show format? Yes and yes! Sipping smoky cocktails during a lecture by a insightful scientist? Sure. The annual book market of indie publishers and that one theatrical performance art on grieving are also part of Kosmos.

There is an infinite amount to see at Kosmos. Starting with the programme below: