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Europa Nacht artwork Lou Flor

EuropaNacht met Moody Mehran, BELLA en Dam Swindle

EuropaNacht met Moody Mehran, BELLA en Dam Swindle

Wednesday 8 May 2024

Wednesday 8 May 2024

In Paradiso - Main Hall, Upstairs Room, Basement

Doors: 23:00, Doors close: 05:00, Main programme: 23:59

Please note: a ticket for EuropeNight will not provide you access to De Grote Europashow. Would you also like to attend De Grote Europashow? Then you can buy a combo ticket via this page. Or you can also buy a single ticket for the early show.  

  • Access 18 years and over only

On the night of the 8th of May, Paradiso will open its doors to a boundless adventure. Shake off your daily worries and immerse yourself in EuropeNight. 

De Kiesmannen joins forces with cultural partners for an epic club night with an extensive cultural programme. One month before the European Elections, in all areas of Paradiso Amsterdam. Besides dancing in every corner, we will toast from the balconies and learn all about AI, night culture and these crucial elections. The day after is not only Europe Day, but also Ascension Day, so you can enjoy a well-deserved sleep in.


Main Hall

  • Radio Radio
  • Moody Mehran
  • Bella
  • Dam Swindle

Upstairs Room

  • Politieke Jongeren
  • Stem op een Vrouw
  • Movies that Matter
  • Are We Europe
  • Represent Jezelf
  • Vataha
  • De Grote Podcastlas


  • The Queer Agenda


MAIN HALL - Radio Radio
RR-Resident BELLA will set the main hall ablaze with her electrifying mixes, drawing from a diverse palette of 90s house vibes infused with disco undertones. Moody Mehran, rooted in a love for Chicago House, transcends his musical boundaries by exploring the broad spectrum of electronic music, from old skool house to trance. Dam Swindle can call on classic house, obscure disco, African funk, soulful techno and plenty in between. Whatever they do, Dam Swindle does it.

UPSTAIRS ROOM - Politieke Jongeren, Stem op een Vrouw, Movies That Matter, Foam, Are We Europe, Vataha, Represent Jezelf, Vataha and De Grote Podcastlas

In need of a break from dancing? Step into a world of inspiring discussions and vibrant workshops at the Upstairs Room. Founder Nugah Shrestha of instagram account Politieke Jongeren inquires influencers about their civic engagement and activism. Stem op een Vrouw confronts the status quo and explores the crucial role of women in European politics. We compare the political power of night culture in Berlin, Amsterdam and of Europe at large. As the night is still young, we will continue into the early hours with photo exhibitions and late-night film programming by MoviesThatMatter. 

THE BASEMENT - The Queer Agenda

'The party is the protest.' Known for the parties Pride is Not Over and photo series Them Buzzed, The Queer Agenda hosts the Basement to show that there should be space for everyone. Together with the best queer talents, live acts and photography, the Basement will become a place to dance and celebrate yourself. The Basement will not be limited to showcasing one genre, anything goes, dancing is obligatory!


Shit. Do you already know what you will vote for in the European elections? Or don’t you have clue yet? Express yourself in words and art in the corridors and in Paradiso’s former smoking area. ShitArt turns the loft into an interactive exhibition space where you can show us what you stand for.

If you cannot afford a ticket, but you still want to come, send us an email and we will send you a ticket - no questions asked.

This programme is co-funded by the European Union and the European Cultural Foundation.

How to get to Paradiso

Paradiso is on the Weteringschans 6-8 in Amsterdam. That is very close to Leidseplein. From every part of the city there are trams heading towards Leidseplein. From there on out you can walk to Paradiso. Free and secured underground bike parking is available on the opposite side of Paradiso. Travelling by car is difficult, since there are only a few busy parking lots nearby. 

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