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We would like to give you some important information to make your upcoming visit as comfortable as possible. Please read the information on this page. Do you have any remaining questions after reading? Please let us know through one of the options on the bottom of this page.


Our building has several rooms, which means that sometimes different programs are taking place at the same time. Please find some information through the link below about the accessibility of each of our Halls and some extra information to make your visit to any Paradiso Hall as pleasant as possible.


For many programmes in Paradiso, you need a membership. Check your ticket or the programme page on this website to see wether or not this is the case for the programme you're visiting. If so, we recommend to buy your month-membership online prior to your visit (if you haven't done so already) through our website for € 4,00. You can also buy it at the doors, but if you buy in advance you're helping us and yourself limiting the queues at the venue.

A membership automatically activates when it is scanned at the entrance in combination with a valid ticket. From that moment onwards it is valid for 30 days. If you visit another Paradiso concert within this period, you can reuse your membership.

Are you visiting Paradiso on a more regular base? A year-membership could be cheaper. Check this page for more info.

Show times

For doors and start times, please visit the programme page on our website. You'll find this quickly using the search bar at the top of this page.

Please note
: the times can differ from the times on your ticket. The times on the programme page are the most up-to-date, though, despite this, the artist can decide to deviate from the schedule.

Locations & Routes

Paradiso organises concerts and club nights on several locations in Amsterdam. Take a look at how to get there, where to park and if you can grab a bite before the event. 


In Paradiso, you can rent a locker which you can open and close without limitations for the full duration of your visit. You can also share your locker with friends, which is convenient in case your friend arrives a bit later or someone's leaving the party early.

Pin only

Ordering in Paradiso is only possible with a debit card or credit card. You can also pay with Apple Pay or other NFC payment options.

Discount on your main course at De Balie

If you show your concert ticket to the staff at De Balie, a restaurant near Paradiso, you receive a 10% discount on all main courses.

Any remaining questions?

Please check our FAQ. If you cannot find your question or answer, you can reach out to us by telephone (+31 20 626 45 21) or e-mail ([email protected]).