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small museum presents 'Frame of Reference' by Heleen Blanken

19 April, 2024

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From April 19th through July 16th, the small museum is proud to present Frame of Reference by Heleen Blanken.

The work 'Frame of Reference' of Heleen Blanken aims to manipulate the perspective of the viewer. Inspired by quantum physics and the superposition principle, the work plays with the scientific idea that tiny particles like atoms and electrons can be in more than one state (and place) at the same time, as long as the viewer doesn't check on them. 'Frame of Reference' plays and reflects upon these concepts, casting doubt on the location of an object with changes in light and without giving a definitive place. It intriguies visitors with its mysterious nature, and thereby raising questions about the objectivity of our perception of reality.

The appearance of the work refers to a religious icon artifact, but here it serves the realm of science rather than religion. The hallucinatory effect draws a connection to the historical and contemporary significance of Paradiso. Once occupied by De Vrije Gemeente, a Dutch community deeply immersed in spirituality and mysticism, it now serves as a temple for nightlife, a realm where we frequently find ourselves immersed in an alternate reality and where our perceptions transform.


Artwork by Heleen Blanken
Technical engineering: Daniël de Bruin
Curation: Rosa Cherim
Production: Sanne Lohof & Tom Lavrenenko