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Paradiso Memberships

For many programmes in Paradiso, you need a membership. Check your ticket or the programme page on this website to see whether or not this is the case for the programme you're visiting. If so, we recommend to buy your month-membership online prior to your visit (if you haven't done so already) through this page. You can also buy it at the doors, but if you buy in advance you're helping us and yourself limiting the queues at the venue. A membership is required to enter the venue, not to be able to purchase tickets.

Order a membership

Order your membership quickly in our ticketshop

Activating your membership

Memberships don't have a fixed starting date: you automatically activate your membership on the first scan at the doors of Paradiso. From that moment onwards, your membership is valid for 30 days and can be used for repeating visits to the venue (of course always in combination with a valid entry ticket for the event). 

It is possible to activate your membership prior or after the date printed on the ticket. If you're unsure you've previously used the membership or lost track of the expiry date, we'd kindly refer you to the information in your Paradiso account. Expired membership-orders can be found on the bottom of the order overview page. On individual order pages, you can find info on the expiry date if your membership's already been activated.

Friends Pass

Paradiso has a Friends Pass. This annual subscription gives you a unique Yearly Membership, a gift by a young artist and access to the Paradiso Friends Day.