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FATMA TURGUT verkleind

Fatma Turgut

Sunday 28 April

In Tolhuistuin - Club

Doors: 19:00, Main programme: 20:30

Including day membership

The Turkish rock/pop singer Fatma Turgut is coming to Europe for a long-awaited Europe tour. Fatma Turgut is one of the most prominent female rock artists in Turkey and is acclaimed for her distinctive voice. With this concert, she will be making her first European appearance.

The singer got off to a flying start in Turkey in 2007 with her band "Model" of which she was the lead singer. The band was very popular in Turkey. After the band broke up, Fatma Turgut continued as a solo artist. Her debut album "Elimde Dünya" (the world in my hand) was released in 2019 and received high praise. Since then, she has collaborated with big names like Sertab Erener, Sabri Tuluğ Tırpan, Emre Aydın is a well-respected artist in her home country. Now, it's Europe's turn to get acquainted with this exceptional artist.

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  • Fatma Turgut
Fatma Turgut

Fatma Turgut

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How to get to Tolhuistuin

Tolhuistuin (formerly Paradiso Noord) is located at IJpromenade 2 in Amsterdam North. A free ferry is departing from Amsterdam Central Station to Buiksloterweg. Turn left and you’ll walk into Tolhuistuin. For club nights, the rear entrance is used (Buiksloterweg 5C), which can be reached via the Overhoeksplein. Restaurant THT serves an extensive menu for any music lover – making a reservation is recommended.

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