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Lockers in Paradiso

In Paradiso, you can rent a locker which you can open and close without limitations for the full duration of your visit. You can also share your locker with friends, which is convenient in case your friend arrives a bit later or someone's leaving the party early. Check this page for information how our lockers work.

Locker rentals

You can reserve your personal locker through one of the following three options:

1. Reserve through the link in our service mail

In our service mail which is sent to all ticket buyers prior to the visit, you'll find a link to reserve your locker. This option is open from 48 hours before the start of the event onwards and only available for evening programmes taking place in the main hall of Paradiso. After reservation, the designated locker number and an URL to open the locker will be sent 15 minutes before the doors open. 

2. Scan the QR code in the queue or entrance hall

Are you queueing for the event? You can scan the QR code on the signs in the queue with your smartphone to reserve your locker. You can also scan the QR code in the hall after entering the venue.

3. No smartphone or is your battery drained?

Reserve via our service team. Our service hosts are available at your disposal to help you rent a locker, or open one (after verification) in case your battery is drained. Please also check in with them in case of any problems.

While placing your reservation, please make sure the entered email address is correct since information about your designated locker will be sent to that account. If you use option 1 for reservation, you will receive your locker number and further instructions shortly before doors open.

How to use your locker

After placing your reservation, at the start of your rental period, you receive an email from our locker partner Keynius on the entered email address. In this email you will find a link on which you can control your locker. You can share this link with your friends as well.

You can open your locker through your browser by clicking on the Open button, after which you can physically push on your locker number to open bit for 30 seconds. You can repeat this as many times as you wish.

Are you leaving? Then click the Open & Go Home button. Your locker can be opened one more time after which it'll be de-assigned and released for rental to a new visitor. Using this option, please make sure you close your locker empty.

Locker sizes

There are three sizes available for rental:

Small (21x22x34) €2,75

Fits a maximum of 2 jackets or 1 jacket and a small hand bag.

Medium (21x22x44) €4,00

Fits about 2 jackets and a small hand bag.

Large (21x35x44)
Fits about 3 jackets and a small rucksack.

Did you rent a locker which can't hold all of your items? Please check with our hosts if a paid upgrade option is available.

We do request you to leave large bags or other items that don't fit in a locker at home.

Attention: Don't overload your locker. The renter of the locker is responsible for any damage on locker or items caused by misusage. Using and sharing the locker is at your own risk, Paradiso is not liable for any loss, theft or damage.