Kraak Piep H Eader

Piepend & Krakend

Piepend & Krakend

maandag 29 mei 2023

maandag 29 mei 2023

In Paradiso - Main Hall, Basement

Doors: 18:00, Doors close: 01:00, Main programme: 18:00

"Piepend en Krakend" is a benefit evening organised by the squatting movement of Amsterdam. It is an evening of live music, art and dancing so we invite all stinky children of the city, crooked landlords, shag wrinkled punks and sweet squat sympathisers to come along to enjoy and support. The party will be celebrated in the main hall and in the basement of this former squat!

Proceeds of the evening will go to: Amsterdam City Rights.

This is an organisation for and by undocumented people in Amsterdam, working since 2018 against the vulnerable position in which many undocumented people live. Recently, Amsterdam City Rights released 'The CityRights App', which gives undocumented people access to information they need in their daily lives and self-reliance. Come to Paradiso to learn more about Amsterdam City Rights and to support them. One city for all!

To open the evening, we will start at 18:00 with a potluck in the main hall. Bring rugs or sit on your coat for this indoor picnic and bring your own food to share with your neighbours. From 19:30 we will kick off the evening!

Main Hall 18:00-00:00
Potlock dinner + Talk with Amsterdam City Rights

DJ Duo Rocio Dúrcal
Kboy En De Goedzo Jongens
The Bucket Boyz

Basement 21:00-01:00

Papaya Kuir regelen de DJ’s!

And many more tba…


Main Hall


      Presale has three (delicious) flavors that you can choose of

      Chill: You pat 5 euros in the pot
      Reasonable: You pay 10 euros in the pot
      Generous: You pay 20 euros in the pot

      Door tickets also has 3 (delicious) flavors, but less choice

      Important: Bring Cash!! Payment by card is possible, but cash is much appreciated

      18:00-19:30- Entry is on a donation, put in the pot what you can afford to miss
      19:30-21:30 - 5 euros, Cheaper than a packet of cigarettes
      21:30 - 22:30 - 7,50 euros, you pay the whole pack of ciggies
      22:30 - 23:30 - 10 euros, the latecomers can hopefully go large

      How to get to Paradiso

      Paradiso is on the Weteringschans 6-8 in Amsterdam. That is very close to Leidseplein. From every part of the city there are trams heading towards Leidseplein. From there on out you can walk to Paradiso. Travelling by car is difficult, since there are only a few busy parking lots nearby. 

      Paradiso Programme

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