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Night for Gaza

Night for Gaza

donderdag 11 april 2024

donderdag 11 april 2024

In Paradiso - Main Hall, Upstairs Room, Basement

Doors: 23:30, Main programme: 23:30

All ticket proceeds go to Save the Children, a humanitarian organisation that works worldwide to ensure that children grow up safely and healthily.

With a sense of helplessness, we continue to witness the ongoing violence in Gaza. A ceasefire appears distant, and the humanitarian aid reaching the area is merely a drop in the bucket. This highlights the urgency to persist in fundraising efforts and drawing attention to the situation, ensuring that once a ceasefire is achieved, ample aid can swiftly reach those in need. On this night, we'll reflect on the privilege of celebrating life in freedom and peace, recognizing that while it may seem evident, it is not a reality for many.

In addition to DJ sets by Cheb Runner, Nèna, Noise Diva & Palestina Robotica, and a guest appearance by Yousef Gnaoui in the Main Hall, you'll find a connecting side program in the other spaces of Paradiso. In the Upstairs Room, you'll be able to meet up with a diverse group of people with Palestinian backgrounds, as well as watch movies. The Hummus Academy is hosting the Basement with more stories, a market, bites & drinks. The meet ups start at 9 PM, before the doors officially open for the club night, and will only be accessible for those who sign up. More information can be found below.

All ticket proceeds go to Save the Children, a humanitarian organization dedicated to helping children worldwide to grow up safe and healthy. Visit their website for more information about their contribution. Are you not able to attend this program, but do you still want to make a difference? Click here to make a donation.

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Main Hall

  • Cheb Runner
  • Nèna
  • Noise Diva
  • Palestina Robotica
  • Yousef Gnaoui

Upstairs Room

  • Meet-ups & movies


  • Hosted by The Hummus Academy

Upstairs program

In the Upstairs Room, you'll be able to meet up with a diverse group of people with Palestinian backgrounds to share thoughts, broaden your knowledge or simply ask away - their bios can be found below. Please note: this program starts earlier in the evening (9 PM) and is only accessible by signing up (for free) via this e-mail address. The list below is subject to change. 

After the meet-ups, a variety of movies by Palestinian film makers will be screened, which can be viewed by purchasing a regular ticket.


'Ghost Hunting' – Raed Andoni (2017)
'Palcorecore' – Dana Dawud (2023)
'The Present' – Farah Nabulsi (2020)


- Ahmed (Gaza): 30 year old radiologist and a traveler for 7 years
Elise (Jerusalem): sociologist and writer who grew up at the Armenian quarter of Jerusalem
Ghada (Bethlehem): Palestinian - Dutch gender inclusive governance & development expert and human rights defender
Ibrahim: Palestinian Dutch born in Amsterdam, working as a mechanical engineer for the Nederlandse Spoorwegen
Jinine: mother is from Gaza and father is a Dutch Palestinian
Khalil (Haifa): born as Palestinian citizen of Israel, living in Holland since 1989 and working as a professor of Computational Linguistics at the University of Amsterdam
Racha: Jordanian Palestinian designing spaces and strategies that reshape and empower deeper human connections
Rany (Gaza): 40 years old, interests: econometrics, sustainable finance, classical music, cinema, philosophy, astrology and travel
Samar (Bethlehem): development practitioner with a focus on gender equality
Sami: living in Amsterdam for over 7 years, actively engaging in promoting the Palestinian right to self-determination, justice and freedom
Walid: social and systemic therapeutic worker
Wasim (Gaza), 38 years old, interests: traveling, reading, tennis, sun and sea
Yasmin (Gaza): studying in Holland, her kids finally made it out of Gaza

How to get to Paradiso

Paradiso is on the Weteringschans 6-8 in Amsterdam. That is very close to Leidseplein. From every part of the city there are trams heading towards Leidseplein. From there on out you can walk to Paradiso. Free and secured underground bike parking is available on the opposite side of Paradiso. Travelling by car is difficult, since there are only a few busy parking lots nearby. 

Paradiso Programme

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