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Saturday 26 May 2018

Saturday 26 May 2018

In Tolhuistuin - Club

Zaal open: 20:30, Zaal sluit: 04:00, Voorprogramma: 19:00, Hoofdprogramma: 22:30

  • Toegang voor 18 jaar en ouder

CLUB: Dasychira (DJ) Elysia Crampton: 'Red Clouds' feat. Why Be (Live) Rabit: 'Les Fleurs Du Mal' feat. Cecilia (Live)Progress Bar aims to represent radical equality, communality and hopefulness. We are a growing community of artists, academics and activists who occupy clubs for a better politics. When confronted with the world today – institutional inequality, neofascism, platform capitalism, austerity and a dying planet – being happy becomes a political act. We support radical club cultures that believe resistance is necessary in order to change the world. Or, as a play on the famous quote by the feminist and anarchist activist Emma Goldman: If I can dance, I want to be part of your revolution.

CLUB: Dasychira (DJ) Elysia Crampton: 'Red Clouds' feat. Why Be (Live) Rabit: 'Les Fleurs Du Mal' feat. Cecilia (Live)

◕ CECILIA is the dissociative metamorphosis of DJ and producer BABI AUDI, known for Club Dead LTD (Hoss Records), Mommy Dust (self-released), and 6 page letter (DIS magazine). Her first full-length album, Adoration, on Rabit's Halcyon Veil imprint, follows last year’s visual EP Charity Whore, released on Yves Tumor’s Grooming Label. 

◕ DASYCHIRA is a South African electronic artist living in NYC. Working with unusual found sounds and textures, Dasychira offers a personal perspective on the media he works with. The artist's second record, Haptics, is being released via Blueberry Records, and features collaborations with Haleek Maul, Malibu and Embaci. 

◕ ELYSIA CRAMPTON’s eclectic and unrestrained electronic music is the flashpoint of a myriad influences opening upon the complexity and multifacetedness of Aymara becoming. Underscored by radical and queer politics, Crampton’s experimental work gives sonorous form to contemporary expressions of Aymara resistance and survival. 

◕ RABIT is Houston producer, composer, DJ, and record label owner Eric Burton. Chiseling out a bold vision of sound since 2012 Burton has slowly worked his way to the forefront of an international group of artists seeking to create a fresh and uncompromising perspective on future dance music and the very fabric of the club landscape.

◕ WHY BE is Korean-born, Danish-raised producer and DJ Tobias Lee. After spending years intentionally on the fringes of experimental dance music, Why Be has become a formidable voice in dance music's larger conversation, with a singular, uncompromising style of club music that is both hectic and cathartic.



    Route naar Tolhuistuin

    Tolhuistuin (voorheen Paradiso Noord) is gevestigd aan IJpromenade 2 in Amsterdam Noord. Vanaf Amsterdam Centraal kun je met de gratis veerpont naar de overkant, waar je na links af te hebben geslagen, tegen Tolhuistuin aanloopt. Voor clubnachten wordt de ingang aan de achterkant gebruikt (Buiksloterweg 5C), die te bereiken is via het Overhoeksplein. In het pand bevindt zich restaurant THT, dat een uitgebreide menukaart voor iedere muziekliefhebber serveert - reserveren wordt aangeraden.

    Paradiso Programme