Societeit Sexyland

ROCKY: Quick and Dirty

ROCKY: Quick and Dirty

donderdag 16 november 2017

donderdag 16 november 2017

Zaal open: 20:00, Hoofdprogramma: 20:30

Locatie: Sociëteit Sexyland, Ms. van Riemsdijkweg 39, 1033 RC Amsterdam

Performance programma ROCKY presenteert in Sociëteit Sexyland een Quick & Dirty editie, met (video) performances specifiek toegespitst op de locatie. Sociëteit Sexyland, de plek waar bootwerkers van de NDSM-werf elkaar vroeger ontmoeten, leent haar naam van een voormalige sex videotheek op de Wallen. Makers Josefin Arnell, Izabella Finch, Maria Pask, Madison Bycroft en presenteren een avond met een opblaasbaar zwembad systeem, een lap-dance-clown act, een in het water levende slak als 'master' en gedeconstrueerde dans reeksen. 

Het programma is samengesteld door Petra Heck en Maaike Gouwenberg, in samenwerking met Paradiso.

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In the performative video poem 'Inflatable poolsystem' Josefin Arnell is dealing with the economy of the action of delivering a child - when giving birth becomes a spectacle; the ultimate performance. The poem encourages the idea of ordering home equipment, an inflatable pool system as the best solution to bring new life to the world.

Routine 1 is a new performance by Maria Pask that consists of projected animations and live performance. The projections show dance movements that have been deconstructed and then cut together into a sequence of smaller steps. The performers use them as visual instructions to analyse the movements and implement the visual information into the physical performance space. Everyone is invited to reconstruct the moves in response to their own capability to move!

Conceived by the outrageous Izabella Finch she performs a part of 'The Pussy Tutorials', a new one woman comedy-cabaret, alternative sex education, absurd storytelling confessional monologue, lap-dance-clown act.

In Lieu of the Limpet's Limit, is a new performance by Madison Bycroft, that looks seaward, finding an unlikely theoretician in the Slipper Limpet or the Crepidula Fornicata. The performance brings together a series of fragments that situate the aquatic snail as master, and proposes a new discourse of subjecthood, friendship, sex and touch.

And coming straight outta Bijlmer, is a creative studio with a passion for art and music. For your enjoyment, they’ll be bringing some of their spinning associates like Ike Melchizedek, Dj Sids and Jeff Croese.

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