10 jan 2015

10 jan 2015

Clubnacht Fuzed staat voor stevige dance muziek! Verwacht de hele nacht door energieke electro, big room, dirty electro house, complextro en EDM beats met harde snares, diepe kicks, basslines en gekmakende drops.


Wendel Kos started out on the alternative side of the underground and club scene in the Netherlands. This included highlights at the infamous Dance Valley festival and Heineken Music Hall… His remix of Ercola ‘Every Word’ reached top spots in Europe as well as a #1 position in the USA Billboard Hot Dance Airplay chart and was in the top 10 for 46 weeks! His innovative take on JFS’s ‘Retox’ was so ground breaking that even Moby had it on his playlist for months. His remixes of Whitney Houston’s ‘So Emotional’ and Vicky Brown’s ‘Shark in the Water’ had support from Sander Kleinenberg and many others. Wendel Kos keeps bringing original and fresh sounds to the dance music culture, proving time and time again to be one of the most entertaining dance music acts around.


This DJ & producer from the Netherlands started out in trance at the start of the millennium and has focused on (hard) electro house & techno since 2007. Not for the faint of heart; Jan likes powerful and glitchy music! Labels Bazooka Records, Big Fish Recordings, Sick Slaughterhouse, Big Alliance Records, Atomic Zoo Recordings, Destination?, Sincinaty Records Podcast.

Listen every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 13:00 EST / 19:00 CET to Jan's "No Mercy!" radio show on the Electro House channel of DI.FM<">>:"><> as a warm up for the 10th of January.


By now you should know our resident DJ Determinators. You don't? Just know that he produces electrotrash with metal & drum and bass influences. He knows how to pump up the crowd and makes everyone dance. And with all the violence during this event there's no reason for him to hold back.

Check out his set from our last edition right here:

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