The box office of Paradiso is not a presale point, we do sell tickets at the door, if they are still availble, on the evening of the show. For every show it is listed on our website when the presale starts. Ticket sales are handled by Ticketmaster.

Beware of scalping. Only buy your tickets through Ticketmaster, via or the official presale points (see below). Our website lists the right price of the tickets, excluding membership for Paradiso and service costs.

Tickets can be bought:

In Person, at hundreds of Primera stores throughout the country. Click here to find the nearest Primera store. As well as several record stores like Concerto(Utrechtsestraat 52-60, Amsterdam). The full list of national presale points can be found under "Verkooppunten" on

Online, at You can buy your ticket here 24/7 and it will be sent to you by mail. Each show on our website has a direct link to Ticketmaster to buy the tickets for that show.

In case of special circumstances regarding ticket sales, like the use of other ticket suppliers besides, we will list it on our website.

Service costs

The level of service costs depends on the ticket price and the service level (online or in person). Via internet: 13,5% service costs with a maximum of € 4,- incl VAT. Presale points: 19% service costs with a maximum of €5,50.


Visitors of Paradiso are required to have or buy a membership. You can buy memberships with your ticket, or at night at the cash register of Paradiso. Paradiso is a non-profit organisation with a broad cultural offering; with the membership visitors support our mission and the financial exploitation of the monument that Paradiso is. Paradiso also receives a subsidy from the local government, which covers about 6% of our budget. You can purchase your membership for one month on this page.

Customer support

Here are the FAQ's of Ticketmaster customer support. 


For the complete terms and conditions of Ticketmaster, click here.