Vrijdag 15 mei 2015

Lancering en Feest Parking Lot #1 - Besloten programma

Kelder 19.00 - 24.00 uur

Parking Lot is opgezet als een onafhankelijk, non-commercieel, en handgemaakte publicatie voor onderzoekende geesten. Het is een platform voor internationale hedendaagse artiesten, denkers, schrijvers, dichters en activisten. Als interdisciplinair project moedigt Parking Lot samenwerking en experimenteren aan en let het hierbij geheel niet op 'comfort zones'.


Parking Lot started as an independent non-commercial hand-made publication addressing inquisitive minds. Based in Amsterdam, it acts as a platform for original works and activities by international contemporary artists, thinkers, poets, writers, and activists. As an interdisciplinary project, it encourages collaborations, experimentation, and a total disregard for comfort zones.

The evening includes live performances by:

Fuckin’Pissed (NL/US) – Punk.

Vhsuhf (NL/CA) - Audio visual Noise performance.

ehCaetano (mountain dew) (BR) - Audio performance using the Parking Lot flexi disc as a starting point

SinaKhani (ID/DE)

Sina Khani formerly known as Sina Turner, 32 years old, male, is an Irano-German ex-comedian, ex-master-of-fine-arts, ex-talkshow-host. He currently focuses on his career as a singer. Sina made his solo debut at Blowpipe Records with the single "Shrek" which got very, very, very mixed reviews. Judge for yourself  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGHgBWaV8jg

During the Parking Lot launch & party he will show his musical skills partly unplugged, partly not.

PS: Khani wrote this text himself.

DJ set by : Planet Bennett (NL)

Supported by AFK