Vrijdag 05 mei 2017

LABEL = UNKNOWN - locatie: Paradiso Noord


Voorverkoop vanaf 13 maart

Zaal open 23.00 - 05.00 uur

Entree 15,- incl. daglidmaatschap

Solidarity Ticket (uitverkocht) 22,50 incl. daglidmaatschap

Locatie: Paradiso Noord. Adres: Buiksloterweg 5c, Amsterdam Noord. Hier kun je alleen pinnen. Je kunt ook eten in Paradiso Noord: bij restaurant THT.

Our mission is to create a platform that promotes solidarity, diversity and multiculturalism. We believe that we can facilitate genuine connections through the power of music, art and storytelling. By removing the labels based on religion, sexual orientation, gender and ethnicity we are creating an environment where everybody can be who they want to be.

Reset your brain, open your heart, and let’s get connected by music. If our leaders can’t unite us, then we will have to do it ourselves. '

- Melon (3-hour set)
- Dj Lin (Body Condition, Estafete)
- Hary Shanthi (Label = Unknown, KLANK Music)

Sedrig Verwoert (So You Think You Can Dance)


The community!

Prior to the party, we organize our "inspiration sessions" (21:00-23:00) with a special guest that will educate and inspire us.

Uitsluitend toegang 18 jaar en ouder. Bij twijfel wordt legitimatie gevraagd.