Donderdag 03 augustus 2017

Dekmantel Festival 2017 - locatie: Paradiso Noord

Voorverkoop vanaf 25 januari

Zaal open 17.00 - 03.00 uur

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4 Day Festival Ticket (3 t/m 6 aug, diverse locaties) 163,- incl. daglidmaatschap

Das Ding (live)

Rotterdam’s 80s wave pioneer and Tear Apart Tapes founder Das Ding was rightly rediscovered by Minimal Wave’s Veronica Vasicka back in 2007 when offbeat music blog ‘No Longer Forgotten Music’ posted up some of his older music. A modular connoisseur and sequencer master, Das Ding’s electronic-experimentations are oddly Drexciya-like, while maintaining a sound that’s deeply engrained, in organic, texturally-colourful machine music.

Forest Swords

Matthew Barnes’s style of gothic, post-rock wave on debut Tri Angle LP ‘Engravings’ was hauntingly oblique, and his use of atmospherics did not go unnoticed. So much so, he was signed up to create the sonic environments for the latest Assassins Creed game, a new dance performance entitled Shrine, and a short moved called In The Robot Skies. Returning to the performance field Barnes will once again be brining his distinctive trip-hop style and experimental muted music to new audiences.

A Certain Ratio

Self described as the ‘Mike Tyson of Funk’, 70s post-punk icons A Certain Ratio are once again inviting audiences to ‘Shack Up’ after announcing their return just over five years ago. One of the first acts to sign to Factory Records with their legendary debut LP ‘The Graveyard and the Ballroom’, A Certain Ratio pushed the way forward for ‘punk-funk’, influencing everyone from Talking Heads to The Rapture. With an array of prominent classics under their belt, it will be the legendary live act’s Dekmantel debut performance, and a prime chance to catch such an instrumental musical group.


Experimental avant-garde, post-punkers and leaders of the New Wave, Tuxedomoon formed in San Francisco back in 1977, going on to release a series of cult hits including the iconic electro-wave single ‘No Tears’. Still going strong over 30 years later, the act –albiet with a different line-up- have now teamed up with Belgium imprint Crammed Discs, and will be making their Dekmantel Festival debut this summer.

Factory Floor (live)

DFA, post-punk duo Factory Floor have been exploring the realms of experimental synth music and analogue driven pop, since dropping their debut LP back in 2013. Spontaneous and intense, Factory Floor are to be enjoyed in a live setting, with their performances notoriously frenzied, visceral and unpredictable.


Optimo, the DJ pairing of Twitch and Jonnie Wilkes, whose legendary nights in Glasgow (and around the world) mix up techno, electro, rock and other assorted leftfield records, are really leaders in the festival game. These guys are true Dekmantel regulars, and for good reasons.

Locatie: Paradiso Noord, Buiksloterweg 5 c, Amsterdam Noord. Hier kun je alleen pinnen. Je kunt ook eten in Paradiso Noord: bij restaurant THT.

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