The Dutch Ballroom Scene presents: The DBS AWARDS BALL

The Dutch Ballroom Scene presents: The DBS AWARDS BALL

zondag 3 december 2023

zondag 3 december 2023

In Parallel

Zaal open: 14:00, Hoofdprogramma: 14:00

There are separate tickets for Ball Spectators and Ball Walkers. Tickets for Ball Walkers can be purchased here.

The Dutch Ballroom Scene (DBS) invites you to the first annual Dutch Ballroom Awards. On Sunday 3rd December, DBS celebrates 10 years of existence. Inspired by the timeline of the Royal History, each ballroom category was created to pay homage to key figures of the scene and celebrate those who have paved the way of the beloved Dutch Ballroom Scene.



  • Dutch Ballroom's Finest
  • Seven & Arakaza

About: The Dutch Ballroom Scene

The Dutch Ballroom scene first took shape 10 years ago. Today, they have a thriving community of over 14 houses and 007s, representing internationally in their categories & undeniably putting DBS on the map.

Fashion & Beauty

FF EUROPEAN RUNWAY: Bring it in a high fashion look that compliments your MANDATORY headpiece.(Drags, Women, FQ)

BQ EUROPEAN RUNWAY: Bring it in a look that incorporates horns of any kind and show the judges how horny you can be. *pun intended*

ALL AMERICAN RUNWAY OTA: Bring it in skirt and make sure its high fashion.

BEGINNERS RUNWAY: Inspired by Dutch Ballroom Scenes runway royalty.Resurrect any look from the past and bring the look and give her a new life. Be sure to bring a photo for your reference.

BQ/TRANSMEN FACE: Bring it in a cultural look that represents your heritage.(BQ, Transmen)

WOMENS/DRAGS FACE: Bring it in a Barbie effect of your choice, only be sure the judges can see your 'house' hold name.*If you are not affiliated with a house, 007 is your 'house hold' name.(Women, Drags)

FQ FACE: Bring it in a look inspired by a famous portrait and show the judges you are the artist's muse.

BEST DRESSED & FASHION KILLAH: Inspired by DBS the storm at the Everlasting Aftermath bring it in a high Fashion forward, orange look and take us back to the day that DBS united.

BIZARRE: Take us on a trip and serve us psychedelics.

Body & Sex Siren

MF BODY/ FF BODY: Drip in gold.(Butch Queen, Transmen, Fem Queen, Women)

BIG BOYS/ BIG GIRLS BODY: It's your garden of eden. Bring it in leaves and show us how you worship your big & beautiful body.(MF, FF)

FF LUCIOUS BODY: Bring it in a cowgirl effect and take us to the Rodeo.

BQ/TRANSMEN SEX SIREN: It's simple. Bring it in white underwear of your choice.(BQ, Transmen)

FF SEX SIREN: Pick your poison and bring it in Gems, Diamonds, Jewels or Pearls.(Women, Drags, FQ)

LIONBABE SEX SIREN: Bring it like a cyborg created for the art of the tease and sexual pleasure.

CATBOY SEX SIREN & LIONESS/GNC: Your theme is Fairies & Flowers, don't be shy to be creative.



PRETTYBOY REALNESS: Awards Ball, Red carpet look.

TRANSMAN REALNESS: What's Cookin'? Bring it as a chef, cook, or BBQ master.

BUTCH REALNESS: Bring it like a back stage production manager.

TAG TEAM SCHOOLBOY/SCHOOLGIRL REALNESS: DBS is your homecoming and tonight is Prom night. Bring it to the runway with your date.(SchoolBoy, Schoolgirl)

FF REALNESS: Femme queen for president.(FF, Junior, Senior)

THUG REALNESS: Ms. President's personal body guard.

DRAGS REALNESS: SAVAGE x FENTY Fantasy. Bring it as a lingerie model.


LIPSYNC: Como La Flor! The Dutch Sunflower known as the beautiful Mia “Prodigy” 007 that left us physically in 2021. Bring it with Sunflowers and ready to slay one of these songs: Giving You The Best That I Got - Anita Baker, Why Don’t You Love Me - Beyoncé, Never Knew Love Like This Before - Stephanie Mills, Como La Flor - Selena

COMMENTATOR VS COMMENTATOR: For your look we want to see (faux) fur coats & oversized glasses.

HANDS/ARMS PERFORMANCE: "Let your arms and hands do the speaking" Bring it to the runway with a fully covered face.(Hands, Arms)

OLDWAY: Bring it in a suit. A track suit or a suit with a blazer, just as long as its a suit...and don't forget your eyewear.(MF, FF, GNC)

NEW WAY: Bring it in an Icey Look that freezes the competition.

BEGINNERS PERFORMANCE: Bring it in an Angelic look with the wings to match and prove that you are the angel to beat.

BQ VOGUE FEMME: Its giving puss & these boots were made for walking.Bring it in hot look of your choice and make sure its with a knee high boot.

WOMENS PERFORMANCE: Bring it in a wet look and mop the runway.

DRAGS PERFORMANCE: Bring it inspired by the card of hearts.

FQ PERFORMANCE: Bring it as a Disney Princess of choice and Show the judges who’s ready for the Crown!

TWISTER: Bring it in Silver

TEAM PERFORMANCE: The Zombie apocalypse is here and they took over you and your entire squad. Create a team of 4 and bring it as a team of zombies and my your performance leave us screaming.

BEATFREAKS: Make an original beat (max 2 min) for any ballroom category of your choosing. Have your partner(s) grace the floor and prove that your beat is the next big thing in European Ballroom. Each judge will score every beat/performance between 6 and 10. Highest total score wins. In case of a tie, judges will vote.

Route naar Parallel

Parallel is gevestigd op Buiksloterweg 5C in Amsterdam-Noord, aan de achterzijde van Tolhuistuin. Vanaf Amsterdam Centraal kun je met de gratis pont naar de overkant (Buiksloterweg). Na het oversteken van het IJ sla je direct linksaf en steek je de Volewijckbrug over. Sla vervolgens rechtsaf en loop door tot aan het Overhoeksplein. Aan de rechterzijde vind je de Galgenveldbrug: steek deze over en je vindt de ingang van Parallel aan de andere kant.

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