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Songs of the Living by Toshi Reagon

Songs of the Living by Toshi Reagon

donderdag 13 juni 2024

donderdag 13 juni 2024

In Tolhuistuin - Club

Zaal open: 19:00, Hoofdprogramma: 19:30

Join us at Tolhuistuin for an electrifying evening of music and community at Songs of the Living Amsterdam. Experience the soulful sounds of Toshi Reagon and BigLovely, with special guest performances.

It's a celebration of music, connection, and reclaiming our digital world. Ready to be part of the magic and sing with us? Register here for a Choir Rehearsal and let's make unforgettable music together.

Learn more about the talented performers:

Toshi Reagon
Toshi Reagon is a multi-talented and versatile artist with a profound ear for sonic Americana—from folk to funk, from blues to rock. While her expansive career has landed her at Carnegie Hall, the Paris Opera House, and Madison Square Garden, you’ll just as easily find Toshi turning up at a music festival, an intimate venue, or at your local club.

Tasha's World
Tasha Slagtand, known as Tasha's World, is a Rotterdam-based recording artist celebrated for her award-winning albums and global performances. Beyond her music career, she's a dedicated advocate for youth music projects, contributing to initiatives like Harvest Me and serving as artistic director at Yourspace, curating inspiring events for young audiences.

Anan Ya’ari
Multi-instrumentalist and producer Anan Ya’ari has been involved in writing, co-producing and playing for artists since the age of 16. Anan Ya’ari is known for his work with Jarreau Vandal, Full Crate, Tyrell Jackson (3T), Alain Clark and many other legends. He now shares his own personal work for the first time as he released his first EP called YU. His sound can best be described as the intersection of alternative R&B, Neo-soul, Jazz and Hip-Hop.

Sydney Lowell
Sydney Lowell, a creative force, shares rhythmic poetry that captivates with its depth and emotion. As a spoken word poet, voice actor, and workshop coach, she brings stories to life, weaving together critical insights and sensual narratives. Co-founder of We The People Amsterdam and online platform 2PHRASE, Sydney's debut EP 'WORD' showcases the transformative power of language, inviting listeners on a journey of introspection and connection. Each performance is an energetic exchange, an invitation to closeness, and a testament to the power of words.

Sandra St. Victor
Sandra St. Victor, a powerhouse diva with over three decades in the music industry, is renowned for her boundary-breaking contributions. As the lead singer of the NY-based rock funk group the Family Stand, she has captivated audiences worldwide with her soulful blend of funk, rock, gospel, and jazz. Sandra's compositions have been recorded by legends like Prince and Chaka Khan, and she has toured alongside diverse stars such as Roy Ayers and The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Dalila Morais
Dalila Morais is the founder of House of Noia, a platform dedicated to guiding people on a journey of reconnecting to their bodies, releasing traumas and helping women reduce cycle related complaints and traumas connected to the womb. Dalila's approach weaves together ancient wisdom and modern insights to empower souls on their paths. Her teachings are not just about the biological aspects of the body but also encompass the spiritual and emotional dimensions, fostering a holistic understanding. With love as her guiding force, she invites you to release traumas and reclaim your power. Nurturing a community where connection, support, and understanding flourish.

Osman Bas
Osman Bas, born in 1989, is a Rotterdam-based DJ, radio host, programmer, and co-founder of Operator Radio. He began collecting records at 17 and soon started sharing his collection. His eclectic sets, featuring Hip-Hop, Nu-soul, Soul, House, and Broken Beat, have earned him recognition in the Dutch dance scene, with performances at venues like Paradiso and Chicago Social Club. As head programmer at Operator, founded in June 2018, Osman played a key role in developing Rotterdam’s Schieblock and worked as a promoter at Amsterdam’s Chicago Social Club. He hosts the radio show “A Way With Music” biweekly, exploring language through music with guests like Waxfiend and FS Green, running for over four years with 100+ episodes.



  • Toshi Reagon
  • Tasha's World
  • Anan Ya'ari
  • Sydney Lowell
  • Sandra St. Victor
  • Dalila Morais
  • Osman Bas
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Songs of the Living

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Route naar Tolhuistuin

Tolhuistuin (voorheen Paradiso Noord) is gevestigd aan IJpromenade 2 in Amsterdam Noord. Vanaf Amsterdam Centraal kun je met de gratis veerpont naar de overkant, waar je na links af te hebben geslagen, tegen Tolhuistuin aanloopt. Voor clubnachten wordt de ingang aan de achterkant gebruikt (Buiksloterweg 5C), die te bereiken is via het Overhoeksplein. In het pand bevindt zich restaurant THT, dat een uitgebreide menukaart voor iedere muziekliefhebber serveert - reserveren wordt aangeraden.

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