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LADADI no. x 9 Knits and Notes

LADADI no. x 9 Knits and Notes

dinsdag 28 november 2023

dinsdag 28 november 2023

Zaal open: 19:30, Hoofdprogramma: 20:00

  • Programma met zitplaatsen

'Knits and Notes is an initiative that connects crafting and music and provides an open space for crafters of all kind to meet. Get inspired by the music as well as by the creative people around you. It doesn’t matter if you’re an advanced crafter or if you’re just starting out. The event is open for everyone. So bring your yarn, your hooks, your drawing kit, or even your loom! This event will also be a special one, since there will not only be a DJ, but also a live concert. Besides that, there will be a lecture to start the evening off.’

Knitting out the noise: on wool and quietness a lecture by Nora Veerman
In the everyday, we pay little attention to the sounds of the fabrics that we wear. Once we do, however, we find that garments made of wool are remarkably quiet. Wool is almost completely noiseless, and in addition seems to absorb sounds from its surroundings. How is that possible, and what effects has this strange quality had on fashion and the world at large? How has the hush of wool shaped the history of clothing, and how has wool, in turn, created new spaces for sound?

Lula Luna is a selector based in Amsterdam with affinity for both ambient and downtempo music as much as bass, breaks and percussive club-oriented tracks. No matter the genre or the setting, she always ends up juggling between organic and spacy sounds, to get grounded in earth's energy or floating away, to get people in their feelings as much as to make them dance. 

Josephine Odhil is a Amsterdam-based creator in the truest sense of the word. Working with the mediums of music and visual art, she takes inspiration from wherever it is to be found, embarking on literature and film research, and keenly observing the natural world. A conceptual thinker, she concerns herself with stories and how to tell them - a style of working that features prominently in her lyrics.

Nora Veerman (1994) is a fashion journalist and researcher, working with a.o. De Volkskrant, the University of Amsterdam and Crafts Council Nederland. Veerman focuses on the history of people’s everyday interactions with fabrics and clothing, and on crafts as a way to explore alternative modes of making and living.




    LADADI is for the adventurous music lover, introducing you to a diverse group of people, artistic expressions and themes/stories/thoughts/views you might not have encountered before. Expect to have eye-opening conversations, co-creational workshops and experimental evenings. All this in combination with good music and performances.

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