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LADADI no. 6 x Acoustic Activism

LADADI no. 6 x Acoustic Activism

Tuesday 27 June 2023

Tuesday 27 June 2023

In Paradiso - Bovenzaal

Zaal open: 19:00, Hoofdprogramma: 20:00

Every last Tuesday of the month, LADADI takes place in Paradiso. A multidisciplinary music program series in which Paradiso collaborates with Amsterdam-based creators and organizations from all city districts.

This time LADADI is teaming up with Indigenous music-activist duo Jeike and Chihiro. They will bring together protest songs, and healing through a collaborative musical evening. From tender singer-songwriter to upbeat reggae, they perform songs that aim to unify and educate. Chihiro and Jeike connect over their love of music and shared experiences of being mixed heritage and Indigenous. Involved in several movements in and outside of the Netherlands, these two use their songwriting to bring people together in order to create discussions surrounding change for a better future, reparations, and land protection.

Musicians: Chihiro Geuzebroek, Jeike Meijer, Josh Sambo, Joey Soumokil & Benjamin Tredup

LADADI is for the adventurous music lover, introducing you to a diverse group of people, artistic expressions and themes/stories/thoughts/views you might not have encountered before. Expect to have eye-opening conversations, co-creational workshops and experimental evenings. All this in combination with good music and performances.



  • Chihiro Geuzebroek
  • Jeike Meijer
  • Josh Sambo
  • Joey Soumokil
  • Benjamin Tredup

DIP (Dinsdag in Paradiso)

DIP is een vrije ruimte waar makers de ruimte krijgen om elke dinsdagavond nieuwe ideeën uit te proberen en te experimenteren. Een plek voor talentvolle organisaties, collectieven, kunstenaars, performers, makers, vrije vogels en uitvinders om een eigen invulling te geven aan de dinsdagavond van Paradiso.

Route naar Paradiso

Paradiso is gevestigd aan de Weteringschans 6-8. Dat is dicht bij het Leidseplein en goed bereikbaar met het openbaar vervoer (metro 52 en diverse trams). Je kunt je fiets gratis en bewaakt parkeren in de ondergrondse parkeergarage op het Leidseplein. In de buurt van Paradiso zijn meerdere parkeergarages.

Paradiso Programme