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Saturday 16 March 2019

Saturday 16 March 2019

Zaal open: 22:00, Zaal sluit: 04:00, Hoofdprogramma: 22:00

EURABIA is a club night curated by Cairo Liberation Front, presenting groundbreaking DJ’s & live acts from/inspired by the Middle-East. Party along to Syrian dabke and Egyptian electro-cha3bi to Anatolian disco and Maroccan bass.

Cairo Liberation Front
This eclectic musical vehicle of two geeky somewhat naive Dutch devotees of Egyptian electro-cha3bi, blossomed into an infectious exchange between artists from both the Middle East and Western Europe. CLF’s punk rock ethos and liveshows at festivals like Dour, Pukkelpop and Best Kept Secret earned them worldwide recognition. They recently dropped their first EP “Eurabia Vol. 1”, where boundaries get pushed, a totally different approach to modern-day Middle-Eastern electronic dance music.

Ko Shin Moon is a French formation born in Paris from the artistic fusion between Axel Moon and Niko Shin. By blending traditional repertoire and instruments from different parts of the world with electronic analog sounds, Ko Shin Moon seeks to push genre boundaries further on their debut album which is released by Akuphone (The Dwarfs Of East Augezia, Praed a.o.). From hyperactive dabke to Greek disco and from Eastern ambient to Arabic acid rapidly. This musical energyboost is gonna hit you harder then a full tray of Red Bull cans.

Recognized as one of the most innovative producers in Belgium, Jabo hits the turntables hard with his creative approach to global bass. His beastly productions, mostly released by Lowup Records, even brought him to last years Lowlands where he joined forces with Yallah Yallah to tear down the Lima. Diplo is already a fanboy, as well as Eurabia-alumni Acid Arab. Get yourself ready for this Maroccan bass god.

Bagdaddy vs The Blackouts
Bagdaddy, a Baghdad born cat-ghost girl, is an ultra creative output in all kinds of ways. With just one released track, the oriental bass track “Insaan Insane”, she already crushed Paradiso's VanOnderen and Van Abbemuseum. The way she combines Iraqi lyrics, oriental rhythms and punk influences, is unexampled. Tonights show at Eurabia will be very 1st one with her all-star band The Blackouts, featuring members of The Myrrors, A Million Squeeks Will Do You No Harm & Hard Headed Soul. The harsh oriental middle-finger-movement is near!

Fatima Ferrari
As a little girl Fatima Ferrari found a treasure in her mom’s closet: a huge collection of Afghani europop & Bollywood mash-ups. From that point she was obsessed. That’s where her own journey started off, spinning an eclectic mix of electronic club and booty bounce sets where her love for dark dancehall, Arab bass and UK bass influenced reggaeton comes together. Btw, her USB sticks are as red as her nails. Ferrari red.

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