Café Paradiso - 10 year anniversary

Café Paradiso - 10 year anniversary

dinsdag 18 augustus 2015

dinsdag 18 augustus 2015

Paradiso gaat terug in de tijd als eerbetoon aan haar wortels in het provo/hippietijdperk: vier zomeravonden lang muziek, film, performances & happenings. Deze avond beginnen we rustig met singer-songwriters en eindigen met vette rammelpunk. Drop by, tune in & chill-out. Dit jaar vieren we bovendien het tiende seizoen.

Line up:

20.15 uur: Hanneke Laura
20.50 uur: Thom van der Kooij
21.25 uur: A Brighter Light
22.00 uur: Kelvinators
22.45 uur: Sox Pistels
23.30 uur: einde
DJ Jack Undercover

Tapas & Sangria van het Mobiel Catering Collectief

Cafe Paradiso has been many things to many people over the years: a refuge from the rainy summer weather; a chance to get a look inside Amsterdam’s best known live music venue (for free!); a trip down memory lane for middle-aged visitors who tuned in and dropped out in Paradiso in the sixties; the fulfilment of a dream for many artists to perform on stage and hang out in the dressingrooms where Mick, Iggy, Lou, Prince, Gaga, Grace & hundreds of other pop icons have chilled after legendary concerts; or just a relaxed place to meet up with friends for a beer.

Over 89 bands, 90 singer-songwriters and 14 dj's have performed at Cafe Paradiso in the last 10 years. That’s at least 464 musicians using 120 trays of beer, 156 litres of water, a didgeridoo, 5x super8 projectors, 14 double bases, a complete brass band, 26 mouthorgans, 53 shared backlines and a chihuahua.

Celine Cairo, Stammer Lee, The New York Brass Band, Steve Savage, MiRco and The Hackensaw Boys are just a few names to have appeared on stage, but the band with the record amount of performances, appearing every year so far is the Kelvinators, who will be celebrating their 10th year as Cafe Paradiso veterans with the closing set on 18 August.

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