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zaterdag 6 juli

In Parallel

Zaal open: 23:00, Hoofdprogramma: 23:00

  • Toegang voor 18 jaar en ouder

Welcome to BIXARIA - Queer Brazilian Club Night - a party focused on creating space for shaking the r4bas!

The Amsterdam based party celebrates its second edition in town. BIXARIA holds the space for those who want to explore their queerness in whatever moment they are, coming from movements experimenting on how to center spaces for BIPOC Queers and immigr4nts in a dialogue with the LGBTQIA+ local community. But don’t be afraid of not being Queer enough, we love you as you are and our goal is to have fun! You are welcomed to enjoy the set of Baile Funk, Brega Funk, Brazilian House, Denbow, and experimentations with that.

BIXARIA is organized by the badass Brazilian-Roma director (Thais Di Marco) who will be celebrating their 37th anniversary at the party (bring a gift or a letter for them)! And cared for by Mother Lucía, who manages the door policy and gender awareness team!

Check the cover of the first edition at VICE.NL and follow @bixaria_queer_clubnight if you are in doubt about if this space is for you, or want tips on how to be in the space read the manifesto and letter of intentions at: or at the door.

Special edition - Roma Boss's 37th birthday - Bring a gift or a letter for them!

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  • DJ Mundo
  • DJ Pyraña
  • Mother Lucía
  • Lx Gitana Boss

House Rules

Please familiarise yourself with the House Rules prior to arrival to help keep Parallel a safe space where people feel free to be their entire selves.

Follow: @bixaria_queer_clubnight More info and door policy:

Route naar Parallel

Parallel is gevestigd op Buiksloterweg 5C in Amsterdam-Noord, aan de achterzijde van Tolhuistuin. Vanaf Amsterdam Centraal kun je met de gratis pont naar de overkant (Buiksloterweg). Na het oversteken van het IJ sla je direct linksaf en steek je de Volewijckbrug over. Sla vervolgens rechtsaf en loop door tot aan het Overhoeksplein. Aan de rechterzijde vind je de Galgenveldbrug: steek deze over en je vindt de ingang van Parallel aan de andere kant.

Paradiso Programme