A Night With: Venetian Snares (live)

A Night With: Venetian Snares (live)

vrijdag 10 juni 2016

vrijdag 10 juni 2016

Locatie: Paradiso Noord. Adres: IJpromenade 2, Amsterdam Noord. Hier kun je alleen pinnen. Je kunt ook eten in Paradiso Noord: bij restaurant THT.

Electronica-mastodont Venetian Snares speelt deze avond een nog niet eerder uitgevoerde modulaire synthesizer set, geïnspireerd op zijn nieuwe album 'Traditional Synthesizer Music'.

"When we listen to a piece of music, our minds are constantly anticipating what will come next. Melody, structure, and repetition allow us to have expectations of what will follow, and how a piece meets or defies our expectations determines in large part our overall impression.

What happens when melody, repetition, and structure are removed from a song? Our ability to predict what comes next is destroyed. You can't imagine the future - you can't remember the past. We can exist only moment to moment.  This music is impossible to get stuck in your head, it's impossible to recall once it's finished. All that remains is the experience.

Venetian Snares, in his first true live electronics set, presents an evening of aggressive, unheard music/anti-music."


Venetian Snares (live)

DJ+ b2b Piro
Sjamsoedin (dj-set)
Akemio Grey

Uitsluitend toegang 18 jaar en ouder. Bij twijfel wordt legitimatie gevraagd.

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