About us

Super-Sonic Jazz is an Amsterdam-based non-profit platform for exciting artists who move within the universe of jazz. We release music on our independent record label, and in collaboration with Paradiso, we organize concerts, jams, and the annual Super-Sonic Jazz Festival. 


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Since 2017, the Super-Sonic Jazz Festival has been a prominent fixture in Amsterdam's cultural landscape, offering a diverse lineup of groundbreaking Dutch and international acts. Held across various venues in Amsterdam, including historic churches, our festival provides a unique platform for intimate performances and uninhibited improvisation, bridging the gap between global and local talent.

Past editions of the festival have featured electrifying performances by renowned artists such as Ezra Collective, Kiefer, Bilal, 30/70, MonoNeon, and KOKOROKO, captivating audiences with their boundary-pushing music.

Super-Sonic Jam

Launched in March 2024, the Super-Sonic Jam is a monthly gathering at Skatecafe in Amsterdam Noord, fostering a vibrant community of musicians and music enthusiasts. Featuring live performances, jam sessions, and networking opportunities, this inclusive event serves as a hub for artistic experimentation and collaboration. Curated by experienced drummer Emmanuel 'Els di Incredible' Afriyie, the Super-Sonic Jam offers a unique space for musicians to showcase their talents, connect with industry professionals, and cultivate new musical projects in an interactive setting.

The Incredible Shrinking Band

There is no more space for talented artists to perform in Amsterdam. We shrink bands to a tiny size to play a tiny live session in the tiniest house next to Paradiso. ‘Cause what do you do when it’s impossible for music creatives to live and thrive in Amsterdam, when all space is taken up by greed and the cost of living goes up up up? You use every single little tiny space you’ve got, and shrink your dear musicians. Until the love for music in this city grows bigger than the greed that goes around, we need to find different ways to create space for musicians.'


Throughout the year, Super-Sonic Jazz collaborates with Paradiso to curate a series of label concerts, featuring artists that align with our musical ethos. These concerts, promoted under the Super-Sonic Jazz banner, serve as immersive showcases of the diverse and dynamic world of jazz and improvisational music.

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