Drie afspeeltips in het wilde weg

6 december, 2017


Bijgesloten fraaie kenschetsen doken we elders online op. Op de foto: Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes.

​Katie von Schleicher​

"She assays various strains of romantic and personal disconnect, using words to underscore frayed connections and muddied communication, but her honeyed, soulful vocals and the rich arrangements that surround them fill out the otherwise moody pictures with dazzling color. Her adventurous production recalls some of the experiments David Bowie conducted with Brian Eno during his Berlin years, but replaces their urban vibe with something more rustic and folksy."

Katievonschleicher YT

​Katie von Schleicher​ - Midsummer

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Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes

"In short, it becomes apparent quite quickly that this is a band of a higher standard than many who were swept up by the dream pop revival of recent years. ‘Always’ follows, and the rhythm section gets its chance to shine. Edvin Arleskär’s tumbling, danceable grooves work in tandem with striking harmonies and intricate guitar work to create something as fitting for the dancefloor as it is for moments of private introspection."

Stevebuscemisdreamyeyes YT

Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes - Swim Deep

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Pronto Mama

"The typical emo elements are well balanced by the bands fairly unique usage of brass, whilst the vocals work well to ground the song and inject emotion. At times, the song can sound like fairly boring Scottish indie, mirroring other bands, but these moments are quickly subverted with more original and interesting sequences. The synth laden bridge towards the end of the increases the likelihood that the new will become the repeat listeners."