Witch Way Now?

Witch way

May 1st - June 23rd 2023

This May and June Paradiso and LAB111 proudly present Witch Way Now? Recasting a Feminist Icon. A multidisciplinary film program all about witches and witchcraft. Expect a spellbinding program of films, talks, music, performances, workshops and more.

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Witch Way Now? Recasting a Feminist Icon

Trailer by Tom Ooms

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During Witch Way Now? we're diving deep into the fascinating world of the witch as a feminist icon, exploring the many visualizations of this powerful figure. How has the witch inspired multiple generations of feminists? Why are witches often portrayed as ugly and evil figures? And how does this relate to the horrifying history of witch hunts? Can we move towards more positive and inclusive depictions of the witch?

From classic Hollywood witch flicks to modern-day world cinema, Witch Way Now? presents a bewitching lineup of films that showcases a century of interpretations and portrayals of the witch. Expect everything from wickedly funny comedies to haunting dramas that delve into the different aspects of witchcraft, of which a selection will be accompanied by introductory talks by critical theorists and experts.

So come join our coven of witches from May 1st until June 23rd. Whether you identify as a witch, are inspired by the witch or just want to fall under the spell of your own curiosity, together we will explore the meaning and value of the witch and question what the future will hold for this enchanting, feminist icon.