Jon Bellion - Uitgesteld + Marc E. Bassy

Jon Bellion - Uitgesteld + Marc E. Bassy

Wednesday 5 April 2017

Wednesday 5 April 2017

Dit concert is uitgesteld. Een nieuwe datum wordt z.s.m. bekend gemaakt. De kaartverkoop is tijdelijk stopgezet totdat er een nieuwe datum bekend is. Reeds gekochte kaarten blijven geldig voor de nieuwe datum of kunnen worden geretourneerd bij Ticketmaster.  Zie voor meer informatie:">

Zie hieronder de brief van Jon:

To the Beautiful Mind family,

Before I even dive into this letter I want you to know I appreciate and love you guys more than you know. This year has been nothing but victory after victory and its because of you guys. The fans. The people.

That being said, to save the poetic garbage………I’m tired. Ive been touring for so long that its affected my over all health. We never truly anticipated a part 2 of the Human Condition Tour on top of Tyler and Josh asking us to be apart of this life changing Emotional Roadshow.

I understand that the European leg of The Human Condition Tour was supposed to be underway soon after the Emotional Roadshow, but it is time that i take a breather. In order to continue doing what i love and to make music at the level you guys have become accustomed to receiving from me, I need time to re-coup, spend time with my loved ones, and to be there for my brother, Drew and support him in his recovery.

SOME shows simply have to be cancelled and I’m sorry if this disappoints many of you. I know basically all the shows are sold out but if you truly are a fan of ME as a person and not the IDEA of me, you have to understand that this is the best decision i can make for my HEALTH and LIFE.

I WILL be making these shows up, I WILL see you guys. All tickets will be honored for the future shows. Refunds are available.

In order for you guys to get me at my best I need to take the necessary steps to remain happy and rested and fulfilled. I hope you will all understand and it will make my future European dates even more epic.

So much love from me and the Beautiful Mind crew.



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