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Cocktail Fest

Cocktail Fest

zaterdag 23 september 2023

zaterdag 23 september 2023

In Paradiso - Main Hall, Upstairs Room, Basement

Doors: 22:00, Doors close: 05:00, Main programme: 22:00

  • Access 18 years and over only

Cocktail Fest is an open-minded, high-end techno/circuit/clubhouse party. It was launched in Rotterdam, in 2017, where it’s first edition was a massive hit, for which people from all over Europe flew in to attend. Cocktail Fest has multiple areas, each having its complete own vibe, in terms of music style, attending guests and decor, but always, consistently, full of gorgeous, festive and sexy entertainment.

Cocktail Fest’s motto, being ‘Be Yourself, Experience Everyone’, invites you to attend this party in any way you want. Dress to express, be yourself and feel total freedom in the midst of the sexiest, steamiest and most colorful crowd, literally … from drags to bears, from twinks to circuit queens and from alternative ravers to…, well…, you! All while enjoying the best classic clubhouse, melodic circuit or hard underground techno.

With this 8th edition, Cocktail Fest spreads its wings to Amsterdam for the first time ever.

We’ll have the parties ‘Cocktail’ in the main hall, ‘Headrush’ in the basement and 'The Boom Boom Room’ with all extravaganza, in the front area.

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Main Hall

  • Allysson Luis
  • Dion Visser
  • DJ Marc
  • Rudj

Upstairs Room

  • Ted Lagenbach
  • Barbara Rose
  • D'Jaye
  • Leroy Sendar


  • Tahko
  • Balster
  • Lenz
Cocktail Fest

Cocktail Fest

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How to get to Paradiso

Paradiso is on the Weteringschans 6-8 in Amsterdam. That is very close to Leidseplein. From every part of the city there are trams heading towards Leidseplein. From there on out you can walk to Paradiso. Travelling by car is difficult, since there are only a few busy parking lots nearby. 

Paradiso Programme

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