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Paradiso tackles scalping: nearly 2,500 tickets invalidated

29 February, 2024

Paradiso voorkant LR

Paradiso invalidated 2,418 tickets intended for the black market. Tickets for a large number of popular concerts were being sold on resale platforms for much more than the original price. 

Ticket scalpers
Ticket scalpers buy tickets and resell them for much higher prices. This creates scarcity, driving up ticket prices on resale platforms and making it increasingly difficult for fans to buy tickets at a fair price. Ticket scalpers operate highly sophisticatedly, often remaining under the radar for extended periods. Nonetheless, Paradiso has managed to detect and cancel any suspicious orders. Paradiso hopes this will significantly impact significant players in the secondary market, allowing more tickets for Paradiso events to be sold to genuine fans at the original price. Invalidating tickets intended for resale is not a one-time action. Paradiso has previously targeted scalpers but never on such a large scale.

Safe resale through waiting list
To facilitate fair and safe ticket resale, Paradiso introduced a waiting list system in 2022. For most popular sold-out concerts, ticket buyers can return tickets offered at the original price to the next person on the waiting list. The 2,418 invalidated tickets have since been made available again to genuine fans who registered for the waiting list.

Ban on resale
Commercial ticket resale is not permitted according to music venues and festivals' general terms and conditions. Paradiso regularly disappoints visitors at the entrance because they possess invalid tickets bought through unofficial platforms. Currently, there is no legislation prohibiting the resale of tickets for profit. A motion to establish legal measures was passed by the Dutch Parliament in 2022 but has not yet resulted in legislation.

Ticket buyers who purchased tickets through unofficial platforms such as Viagogo, Topticketshop, Marktplaats, Ticketswap, StubHub, Facebook, or Instagram are advised to contact the point of purchase to verify the validity of the tickets. The cultural sector operates the platform www.weetwaarjekoopt.nl, providing tips for safely purchasing tickets and information on filing complaints if consumers have been scammed. Paradiso advises against using secondary ticket platforms; this helps discourage ticket scalping.

How to safely purchase tickets

You can find more information about ticket scalping on the platform 'Weet Waar Je Koopt' ('Know Where You Buy'). You'll also find tips here on safely purchasing tickets. 

Is my ticket valid?

If you've purchased a ticket from an unofficial ticket platform and are uncertain about its validity, please contact the platform where you bought your ticket.