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Paradiso Vinyl Club is Paradiso's independent record label. Paradiso feels an obligation to support talented artists it believes in by offering them a vinyl single including a release show at Paradiso Upstairs. This way, Paradiso hopes to do its bit for talent development in the Dutch music landscape.

It works like this: the artist provides two special tracks and artwork from which a 7-inch vinyl single is made. The release of the single is at the Bovenzaal or one of Paradiso's satellite venues. The artist gets 100 singles with which they can do what they want; take to potential labels, bookers or other collaboration partners, use for promo or sell during gigs. At the same time, they are labelled as promising talent by Paradiso, a nice push for new talent!

To make this project financially possible, you can become a member of Paradiso Vinyl Club. Do you want to support upcoming musical talent? Fill your record case with beautiful vinyl? And go to concerts for free? For just six euros a month, you can become a member of the Paradiso Vinyl Club and receive a new release every other month as well as many extras such as guest list spots and gadgets. Artists like Pip Blom, Gallowstreet, YĪN YĪN, Amy Root, Indian Askin and My Baby previously released singles at the club before breaking through to a wider audience.

The Paradiso Vinyl Club considers it important to represent as broad a musical spectrum as possible. Releases range from indie to electro, and tropical to hip-hop: something for everyone. If you are interested in tomorrow's exciting new music, a membership of the Paradiso Vinyl Club is a must.

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Become a member of Paradiso Vinyl Club

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What do I get if I become a member?

For €7,50 a month you become a Paradiso Vinyl Club member, supporting up and coming artists and receiving many benefits in the process!

A one year membership gives you the following:

  • 6 x 7” limited edition release – delivered to your door
  • 6 x 2 guest list spots for release parties
  • 4x an exclusive magazine with interviews, puzzles and music news
  • Members only surprises
  • 10% discount on vinyl en CDs at Concerto and Plato

Sounds pretty good, right? Another fun fact: Paradiso Vinyl Club members are rumoured to enjoy music more! But that's for you to find out of course…