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Paradiso's history

Sex Pistols in Paradiso

In the year of the Prague Spring and the Paris Student Riots, Paradiso opened its doors under the name 'Cosmic Relaxation Centre Paradiso'. From that very first day, on 30 March 1968, we strived to bring together talent and public, something that remains our goal to this day.

However, some things have changed since our early days. From one of the few free-for-all places in the late sixties, we have changed into a professional venue where you can immerse yourself in the music.

In those early days, Paradiso didn't yet cater for those who wanted to party all night long. Only since 1982, Paradiso has been the place in which DJs share their gospel to their dancing followers, contributing to our growing reputation as a nightclub alongside Amsterdam's rising fame as the international capital of dance music.

And now we have celebrated our 55th birthday. But whether they are experiencing their first Noodlanding clubnight, or swing along to George Clinton for the third time in a decade: the kids will be alright in Paradiso – whatever their age.