Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

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Arts and culture are not entities on their own. The greater the connection to what is happening in our society, the greater the impact of the artists' messages. With this in mind, you won't be surprised to learn we do everything in our power to create a sustainable and socially responsible future for Paradiso. The way we do this is threefold: through our locations, through our programming and through our HR management.

A sustainable building

Our locations are visited by thousands each week. Where possible, we adapt our locations to preserve energy and reduce waste. For instance, our location at Weteringschans has waterless urinals, and we serve our drinks in recycled plastic cups.

Socially responsible programming

We don't just program from an artistic perspective, we actively try to use our programming to bring together the many groups in our international city. For instance, there is our initiative Pera, that organises activities around modern-day Turkish music and club culture, and Marmoucha, which organises professional North African and Middle Eastern music (theatre) performances.

Socially responsible HR Management

Further to this, we are an accredited Learning Company, working successfully with a variety of schools and colleges throughout Amsterdam. We want children from all backgrounds to get to know working life and Paradiso through work experience and internships.

Moreover, we want our work force to reflect the diversity of our city, in cultural background, male-female ratio and age. Staff working on Pera and Marmoucha are completely made up of people from Turkish and Moroccan descent, respectively, complying with the Cultural Diversity Code.

The above examples are some of the many ways in which we take our responsibility for a sustainable city.