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Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

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Arts and culture are not entities on their own. The greater the connection to what is happening in our society, the greater the impact of the artists' messages. With this in mind, you won't be surprised to learn we do everything in our power to create a sustainable and socially responsible future for Paradiso. The way we do this is threefold: through our locations, through our programming and through our HR management.

Socially responsible programming

Our programming and initiatives, such as Pera, which organizes stage activities focusing on contemporary Turkish music and club culture, and Marmoucha, which presents professional North African and Middle Eastern music (theater) performances, are guided by not only an artistic vision but also a commitment to fostering connections between different groups in the city.

Socially responsible HR Management

Additionally, we serve as a recognized learning and working institution, collaborating with various educational institutions across Amsterdam to introduce children with diverse backgrounds to the working world.

Furthermore, Paradiso strives to ensure that its staff represents the cultural diversity, gender balance, and age demographics of the city. The staff of affiliated foundations Pera and Marmoucha, for example, exclusively comprises individuals with Turkish or Moroccan roots, thereby aligning with the Code for Cultural Diversity.

The above examples are some of the many ways in which we take our responsibility for a sustainable city.

Sustainability Vision

At Stichting Paradiso, we aim for sustainability in all our activities, including procurement. Our goal is to encourage both ourselves and our visitors to make sustainable choices, considering financial, technical, and qualitative aspects. We achieve this by critically assessing our procurement decisions and shaping our communication to encourage visitors to opt for more sustainable choices actively. The responsibility for implementing these guidelines lies with all employees involved in the procurement process and communication with visitors. The objectives are reviewed and assessed at least annually by the Sustainability Committee, and performance is evaluated with new objectives being formulated.

Sustainable communication

At Paradiso, we acknowledge the importance of transparency and communication with our visitors regarding our sustainable procurement policy. We aim to actively inform and inspire our visitors to make conscious and sustainable choices by:

General information
Creating and maintaining a dedicated webpage on our website focused on sustainability. This page contains information about our sustainable procurement policy, our goals and achievements, and practical tips for visitors to make more sustainable choices.

Environmental certifications and labels

Providing clear information about the environmental certifications and labels we use for the products and services we procure and explaining their significance for sustainability.

Active communication

Regularly posting updates on our social media channels and incorporating sustainability into our newsletters. We share news about our sustainable procurement efforts, practical tips for visitors, and successes in the field of sustainability.

Information within the venue

Using signage and screens to make visitors aware of our sustainable procurement policy and encourage their contributions to sustainability.


  • We encourage visitors to choose sustainable transportation options like walking, cycling, or public transit.
  • We opt for sustainably delivered goods, including those transported using electric vehicles.
  • We encourage employees to commute to Paradiso by bike or public transit.

Printing and Printing Materials

  • We encourage visitors not to print tickets but to display them on their smartphones at the entrance.
  • Printing hardcopy tickets at the box office is avoided, and door-purchased tickets are printed on thin thermal paper that does not require ink.
  • We work with printing companies with an EU Ecolabel and using eco-friendly paper.


  • We provide vegetarian crew catering, and artists are encouraged to choose vegetarian options whenever possible.
  • We serve organic wine.
  • We offer drinks in hard cup containers made from recycled plastic.
  • We are a member of the Dutch Statiegeldalliantie (Deposit Alliance).

Technical and Facilities

  • We use LED lighting for 70% to 80% of the building's lighting.
  • We employ light sensors whenever possible.
  • We use electricity generated by 100% Dutch wind power.
  • We utilize waterless urinals.


We promote an open dialogue on sustainability and our policies so that we can learn from each other and continually improve our efforts.

If you have any tips or comments, please email us at [email protected].