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Charity status

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Paradiso aims to be more than a mere stage, we want to make a difference in society, and thankfully we are widely supported in this. The Paradiso Foundation Amsterdam and the Paradiso Foundation for Research and Development have been assigned charity status by the Dutch Tax Office.

Donations are tax deductible

This is great news for us, but also for anyone who would like to support us with a donation. Charity status (ANBI status in Dutch) means that your donations are tax deductible, from both income and corporate taxes.

When donating to a cultural institution like Paradiso, there is even an extra deduction!

For private persons, this is 1.25 times the donation, deductible from your annual income tax. For corporations, the deduction is even higher: 1.5 times the donated amount, deductible from your corporation tax.

Paradiso Foundation details

Paradiso Foundation Amsterdam
Fiscal Number 2958089

Paradiso R&D Foundation
Fiscal Number 820002562

Paradiso Foundation is bound by a company-wide collective labour agreement (CAO in Dutch), defining terms and conditions of employment. The Supervisory Board determines the Managing Director's remuneration. The Supervisory Board does not receive compensation. The Paradiso R&D Foundation has no staff and is therefore not subject to a remuneration policy.