Paradiso Vriendenpas - Forever Young (28 years and older)


Vriendenpas: Forever Young (28+)

Are you 28 or older? For €100 a year you can become a friend of Paradiso.



You will receive:

  • A printed 'Paradiso Vriendenpas' newsletter by post (twice a year)
  • An exclusive t-shirt, poster or other item, made by a young artist (once a year)
  • A ticket for the Paradiso Friends Day (once a year)
  • A 10% discount in the Paradiso webshop
  • A Paradiso annual membership

The 'Paradiso Vriendenpas' will be send to you as soon as possible after signing up. As from 2022 the annual amount for the 'Vriendenpas' will be charged from the sign up date.

As a friend, you support:

Paradiso and the implementation of its cultural and social objectives. There is no other non-profit venue that gives more posibillities for young artists to perform. Throughout the year we organise showcase festivals like London Calling and Super-Sonic Jazz, we have city passes like Indiestadpas and Ticket To The Tropics pass to visis concerts of new talent and a lot of spots for (local) support acts. These concerts do not only take place at Paradiso, but everywhere in Amsterdam; Bitterzoet, Cinetol, Het Zonnehuis and De Duif.

In this way, Paradiso offers a platform to young makers and develops talent in all kinds of different disciplines; from music to visual arts, design, photography, literature and science.